Dusky Diversions was created by me, Rob Mercer, to bring together the best working Entrepreneurs, that are looking for a place to collaborate with other like-minded people. with a focus on Affiliate Marketing, who struggle to de-clutter, have issues with direction and a place to have the confidence to start their business on Facebook.

When you work with Dusky Diversions, you are working with someone just like you. You are joining a tribe that is unique because we don’t just send you off into the wilderness. As a working professional, I know how hard the strain can be to focus and implement things. to learn things, we actually practice it with you. From doing challenges/training sessions together to figuring out your direction in the business world, the Dusky Diversions Tribe is here to help.

This group was formed because I was tired of seeing these great programs that are put on by fantastic people (Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson and many others) to fall victim to entrepreneurs unable to de-clutter what has been taught and actually implement. Not only that, but the fact that you spend a great amount of time and money to do the training, only to see it fall by the wayside is not something I want to see happen to you. I want to help you create direction and confidence to making their first Affiliate Marketing sales. So whether you are attempting to make your first or your 100th or your 1000th sale we are in this together.

Rob Mercer
CEO / Founder

Just your run of the mill single father looking to help people succeed online